Over the past decade we have developed the highest quality karts and equipment, and want to welcome the rising number of operators seeking the financial and exciting benefits of battery-operated karts.

We would like to make ourselves available to you in any way possible. We would love to hear about your project plans, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

There are many reasons to take wheel-to-wheel kart racing indoors! Firstly, there is a rapid growth in the popularity of motorsports and consumers want to cost-effectively experience the thrills of racing in a safe, controlled environment. Families and businesses are also seeking opportunities to entertain their members and employees with various skill levels.

Not to mention the investment benefits of a year round business, which can be added to your existing amusement establishment, can be operated in commercial locations with high visibility and traffic, and can become a destination attraction.


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RS-R ELECTRIC KART                   MORE INFO
The RS-R is the result of over 12 years of product research and development. It boasts all new bodywork with integrated NACA cooling ducts to keep brake and running gear temperatures down for those tracks who demand a high performance ride, while maintaining a look that is simple and stylish.
RSX ELECTRIC KART                    MORE INFO
The RSX uses a fiberglass cockpit with an integrated seat. The outer bodywork is removable for ease of maintenance, and the sleek styling and low side panels make entering and exiting the kart easier than ever. An optional foam seat insert ensures a snug fit for the smaller racers.

RS ELECTRIC KART                      MORE INFO
Best handling, performing, and lightest electric kart available. These innovative features, among others, make this kart superior to any other kart on the market. Kart also available with the permanent magnet motor for better efficiency and battery life with regenerative braking.

2XS ELECTRIC KART                    MORE INFO
The 2XS uses the same chassis as the ever popular 2X model, but it adds an element of flair and refinement to the body styling. A new method of mounting the bodywork helps keep it clean and damage free, while still keepin gthe driver and passenger safely enclosed inside.

Introduced to fill a demand from existing and new customers for a kart that could allow adults and children to share the same karting experience. Using the same footprint as the RS, the 2X can be used on the track at the same time and uses the same auto charge system.

Designed to accommodate children age 5 to 10. Reaches a safe speed of 8 mph. Equipped with a 4-point seat belt, headrest, color-coded pedals, enclosed bumper, and foam steering wheel pad. No belts or chains to maintain. Great compliment to your fleet of adult karts.